Day 35.

I could tell you all about the day we had today. Instead, here are some details about the above pictures. One picture was taken at -180′ on August 9, 2011 at 11:54 a.m.  The other picture was taken at 11,439′ on August 9, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.

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Today we decided not to be in the Civil War…

I don’t know about you but I think being in the Civil War sounds like about 0 fun.  I want to never be in that.  Lucky for me it is not 1865.  Here is a picture of Bull Run.  That is all.

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So we have done some things…

Turns out that we have discovered generally that it is more fun to go and do things all day than it is to stop and write about them.  This is not to say we have forgotten about our readers… just that we are having to much fun too keep them up to date.  Sorry.  Kinda.

That said, we are just getting on the road from Delaware into D.C.  We spent yesterday doing the how much of Philadelphia can you see in 8 hours tour of Philadelphia.  Correct answer? Some.  We caught the Liberty Bell, the Mint (which does not taste minty at all), Franklin’s old house, a nice little park, and a Giants win over the Phillies.

Prior to that we got spoiled in New York.  We spend two nights in the upper-west-side having to suffer through things so horrible as being taken out to eat literally every muscle we could and sampling the fares of Belgium’s breweries.  The next morning we were punished with authentic bagels and lox and just so much coffee.  Just like everyone says, New York is really cool.  We saw basically nothing in two days despite our best efforts to get to everything.  For the blow by blow, take a look at the pictures, but the short version is New York is worth a much longer visit than we could afford to give it and I will be going back.

Striking again at this point in the trip is how friendly people have been to us.  From the people who take our picture in front of ball-parks to the people like the Mantels, who never having met Michael or I, took us out to a wonderful dinner.  Lisa and Larry, who also had never met either of us let us sleep in there apartment, fed us breakfast and accompanied us to the Mariner’s 17th consecutive loss (a streak that is finally over).  In Boston we stayed with Becca, an family friend who showed us the nightlife in Boston and put us up in another city we could otherwise not afford.  It is easy to get lost in how bad the world is, especially if you do silly things like follow the news, but our experience, now starting our fourth week on the road has been that people are really cool.  It sure can be tough out there, but it does not have to be and the type of generosity we have encountered proves to me at least that there are way more nice people out there.  So thanks everyone!

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Hey Michael, you hungry? Lets pull over here for lunch…

Did you know that there is a Sandwich Massachusetts?  Neither did we.  But then we saw it on the map and there was absolutely no way we were skipping that.  If you are ever in New England, go to “The Deli” in Sandwich Mass.  Expect to be treated like an inconvenience by some highs school-college aged help and to be served just the best Sandwich sandwich you have ever bitten into.  I had the Reuben, which was, in a word, bomb. Michael tore into the toasted Italian with everything they would put on it “and it was good too.”

We also did less awesome things like drive through the Myles Standish State Forest, where we spotted the jivest of all turkeys, and saw Plymouth Rock Pebble. Oh, and the Mariners, like it was their job, lost 3-1 at Fenway.

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In Boston – For some reason going to a game…

Today is day 17 of our road trip.  We have driven a little bit over 5,000 miles to date and since we have been on the road our favorite baseball team has amassed an impressive 0 wins.  Don’t worry though, we are going to stick it out and go to Fenway tonight with Mariners gear on and thick skins prepared… We’ll see how it goes…

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